Your Realm of Possibility

You have a realm of possibility.  Everything that you can imagine is possible for you is inside it.

Everything else… well, you can’t even imagine it yet.

I mean REALLY imagine it for yourself.  I speak with people regularly about the things they say they want for themselves.  This may include a different career, or a new relationship, or a better relationship with someone important to them, or more financial freedom, or [insert what you want here].  They can talk about what they want but I don’t have to dig very deep into their thoughts to find that what they want is actually outside of their realm of possibility.

And then there are the things that you have never really even imagined…

The evidence of that is it’s happened in the past.  You have things in your life now that, once upon a time, you never even imagined having them.  You have some ways of being that, in the past, you couldn’t even have imagined being.

You have people enter into your life that you never imagined.  And yet they appear and your life is changed forever.  You will be that person for someone else too.

The list of example is endless.

Think of the parent who never even imagined how fierce their love for their child could be and how that loves makes everything that used to seem important barely even relevant.

I’ve worked with people who attempted suicide because the thought of life being another way wasn’t inside their realm of possibility.

I’ve coached people who have embraced a life of freedom from all-consuming stress and anxiety.  There was once a time they couldn’t even imagine life being another way.

When I work with people, we will inevitably hit the edge of their realm of possibility – usually at least once every conversation.  I know we’ve hit the wall when the person starts fighting for their limitations.

Watch out for when you do that.  We all do it when we doubt ourselves; we literally fight for our limitations.  It’s often unconscious.  It seems like an absurd thing to fight for, right?  Which is why there is often a tendency to write it off the limitation you are fighting for as ‘reality’.

Get real.  It’s not reality.  It’s your realm of possibility.

That doesn’t mean that expanding your realm of possibility is easy, or that stopping fighting for your limitations will happen in an instant.

You can start with simple awareness.

Simply think of all the things in your life that you now love and/or appreciate and notice if they were once upon a time outside of what you thought was possible for you.

Now think of all the things that you would like to have but which you (especially when you check in with your heart) think are not possible for you.

If you’ve expanded your realm of possibility before, you can do it again.

Stop fighting for your limitations and embrace possibility.

Revel in the notion that there will be beautiful experiences and extraordinary people that will come into your life and, right now, you haven’t even imagined them yet.

Much love,



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