When spending energy re-energises you

One of your most precious resources, if not your most precious resource, is time.  I think everyone is aware of the finite nature of time.  When clients come to coaching, one regularly heard challenge that many struggle with is lack of time.

The irony is that many of the same clients will tell you that another one of their big challenges is procrastination. Sometimes people will say no to coaching because of a lack of time. The irony in that is coaching creates time by dealing with the causes of procrastination.

No doubt different coaches have different styles.  With me, it’s often about re-channeling energy and focus. You need to get focused on what you want and then commit to it. When you commit, your energy is redirected and your world around you will fall into place to move your forward. For more on this, see last week’s article.

Hesitation before commitment is natural. But you can’t wait to be 100% sure before committing to your goal because that certainty never arrives.  If you have an idea about what you want then go after it. And definitely go after it if:

  • You’re at least 50% sure that it’s what you want and there is unhappiness attached to the way you’re currently living life.
  • You spend more than 14 hours (or even 10) a week in front of the television.

If you watch TV for some down-time and to relax, good for you. Your heart can tell you if you’ve invested most of your energy that day into a worthy cause or if you’ve procrastinated. Listen to it.

This is your life. You get one shot at it. Go after the things you want instead of simply wondering if it’s what you want. And a key component to this action is to give it your best shot. Then, whether it’s meant to be or not, you’ll know and you will have developed some musculature about how to live your life. (See my article ‘Living with I might will cost you’ for more on this.)

You have limited time, so you need to make conscious decisions about how you want to spend it. You also have limited energy each day, so you need to make conscious decisions about how to invest that too.

At the same time, you have a minimum amount of energy each day too and it has to get invested into something. If you don’t consciously put your energy into pursuits that are going to grow, educate and fulfill you, then the energy will go down a path of least resistance (e.g. worrying, criticising, dreaming about ‘what if’s’, perfectionism, TV dramas, staying in an unhappy relationship or job).

Pick a forward-focused goal, i.e. what it is that you want, as opposed to what you want to remove from your life. When clients come to me with a goal they want to stop, or something they want less of, one of the first things I’m going to get clear on is what they want. Then the energy can be redirected. When done right (i.e. an attractive goal and obstacles worked through) enough energy will be directed towards the desired goal that there is not enough time and energy left to waste on procrastination.

It’s a magical place to live when the energy you spend has the capacity to re-energise you due to the sense of achievement and growth. Herein lies the key to getting to the end of each day knowing you lived it fully, allowing the soul to rest easy.

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Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you don’t have time to criticise others.

– Jim Rohn

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  1. Thanks again Kylie for more insight into my life. I have made it a policy to read your emails as soon as they come…not put it off till later. I manage it most of the time. Always you hit the spot.

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