My year of channelled energy

Happy New Year!

I’m feeling very excited about all the things I plan to create in my life in 2013.  Hence I spent most of January 1 ensuring my goals and targets for the year were clearly listed.  I’ll continue to work on it for the rest of this week (because I’ve created some big visions and I’m planning to add lots of pictures to help keep me inspired when the inevitable challenges arise) but the vision is well underway.

I’ve decided that my theme for 2013 is…

Channelled Energy

This would also include ‘channelled time’, ‘channelled money’ and ‘channelled attention’.

With so many things and people creating avenues for my energy, time, money and attention to travel down, it became clear to me as 2012 was drawing to and end that this next year I would need to clearly pre-decide where to direct these valuable resources.

One of the expected results of my planning will be faster decision making which will have a direct impact my most valuable resources.  Requests for my energy, time, money and attention will come up every day for the next 365 days.  Being very clear on my goals means that every time I get a request I will ask myself this question:

Does saying yes to this request get me closer to the vision that I’ve created for my life?

If the answer is yes, then I will say yes to the request.

If the answer is no, then I say no to the request.



We’ll find out.  Some days I may stuff up.  I may say yes to a request because I believe it will get me closer to my goal but then discover it didn’t.  One thing I’m confident about is that picking myself up and starting again is easier if the vision is clear.

Special note here:  Watch out for yourself… It’s important to get very clear about your vision and make it inspiring because sometimes a request for one of your valuable resources will be from yourself.  You might request of yourself to eat an unhealthy snack.  Or you may tell yourself that you need to laze in front of the television.  Or that you need some retail therapy.  Or that you need to do something for approval of another person.

Only once you are clear on your vision will you be able to ask yourself the question: Will saying yes to this request get me closer to the vision I’ve created for my life?

Much love and channelled energy,


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