Crack Me Up!! (Laugh Yourself to Happiness)

All emotions are preceded by thoughts.

All behaviours are preceded by thoughts.

So if you want to change your emotions or behaviours, all you need to do is change your thoughts. This is very good news because thoughts absolutely can be changed.

As you may have experienced however, it is not always easy to change a thought. Fortunately, as I experienced recently, there are some fun ways to change thoughts. While I was at a training workshop last weekend (run by T. Harv Eker) I participated in a very simple exercise. We were told to focus on a thought that was negative and self-defeating.  Then while focusing on this thought, the sound on laughter was played.

Laughter is so contagious. You can try and focus on your negative thought all you like but as long as you are listening to the sound of laughter, it will eventually get you.  You will begin laughing and it’s quite difficult to stop.

Even better than this, laughing also changes the perception of the negative or self-defeating thought. I love that laughing takes away the seriousness of the negative thought. For me, this creates a sense of ‘Why is this thought such a big deal?’

I had so much fun with this that I wanted to share it.

After a quick search on the internet I found a couple of short clips of the sound of laughter.  These two clips are each less than half a minute but the exercise really needs to be done over a few minutes at least. So clips such as these could be played on repeat, or you may want to do some searching of your own.

Try this one…

Focus on a negative thought, or something that has been bothering you.  Play the sound of laughter and see how long you can keep a straight face.

Go on! Laugh at yourself!

Different types of laughing will resonate with different types of people.  So try this one too and see what kind you prefer…

At a minimum, you’ll get a bit of laughter therapy - often used to create health and treat illnesses such as cancer.

“The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter.” – E. E. Cummings

Much love (and laughter),


2 thoughts on “Crack Me Up!! (Laugh Yourself to Happiness)

  1. How FUNNY.

    My reaction was “yeah whatever, sure we all know laughter makes us feel good. So what’s new?”.

    And I stopped. I actually DID the exercise as you recommended (instead of reading about it) and wholly moley, I FEEL amazing. My afternoon is looking SO much lighter. THANK YOU for this deceptively simple (and delightful) technique.

    LOL : )

    • Thanks for your comment Avril, I loved it! I agree, the technique is deceptively simple. I’m still on the lookout for the ultimate ‘laughing’ audio. Will let you know if I find it! Here’s to a LIGHT afternoon!! Kylie x

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