Hello and welcome!

A little about me… From a professional perspective, on most days, I live and breathe coaching (or something closely related). It works for me because I love what I do and most of the time it doesn’t feel like what I used to associate with the word ‘work’.

One of my most favourite parts of my work is coaching with individuals. I find the coaching relationship incredibly rewarding, a privilege to be a part of, and always enjoy the journey from vision to fruition and all the ‘a-ha!’ moments along the way! In this role I find I also get to utilise the areas of knowledge I specialise in, including communication, self-esteem, stress management, self-awareness, self-leadership, goal achievement and wellbeing.

Since August 2014, I’ve also worked part-time at Swinburne University of Technology.  With Swinburne I get to share more about coaching and work on some really interesting projects.  I love it there and feel privileged to work with a great team.  It’s also great to be back at the same place I completed by degree a number of years ago.

I also coach the coaches. I the past, I creasted a two-day ‘Coaching for Health and Wellbeing’ course for a local Registered Training Organisation. This role saw me regularly travelling to various locations throughout Australia to equip professionals with coaching skills to assist them in better communicating with their clients. At Swinburne, I am involved with facilitating our courses related to Organisational Coaching.

Outside of coaching, I love to make time for family and friends (who are really extended family anyway).  Travel, golf, walking, yoga, sunshine, reading, photography and chocolate all also rate high on my list of favourite things, and if there is any opportunity to combine two more of any of these, even better!

For those who are interested in the details of my formal education, I completed a degree in Social Science, majoring in Psychology and Sociology. I also completed a coaching specific accreditation to become and Advanced Practitioner of Coaching. I’ve lost count of the number of coaching related workshops I’ve attended (usually run through the Australian Psychological Society or the International Coaching Federation). As with most things in life however, I think expertise and knowledge most grow through the ‘doing’. Each coaching session or training workshop I run brings something new. To date I’ve done hundreds of hours of coaching and I’m happy to say that I currently see no signs of stopping…