Inner Wisdom

Inside everyone is a ‘knowing’.

It goes by other names too, e.g. inner voice, intuition, higher self.  Or as I refer to it often, Inner Wisdom.

While everyone has Inner Wisdom, my experience as a coach has taught me that a lot of people become quite separated from it, or have lost the ability to hear it.  The inner voice can get drowned out by all of the messages we received on a daily basis from the day we are born, including many messages which were intended to help.

Alignment with Inner Wisdom brings a sense of peace.  When you’ve got it you know it, and you sleep easy.  The feelings of excitement, contentment, trust and love are usually hanging around Inner Wisdom too.

Getting aligned with Inner Wisdom can take practice.  After all, to varying degrees, we’ve all had a lot of practice at getting separated from it.  And while it’s one one thing to gain the skills to realign with Inner Wisdom, it’s an additional skill to be able to stay aligned with it on a regular basis.  Both of these skills tend to be correlated with a sense of identity and self-esteem.

Those who have worked with me, clients and students, know I am a big advocate for self-coaching and that one of my personal key phrases is “I always aim to coach myself out of a job.”

I am always aiming to take my clients to the point where they do not need me anymore because they are coaching themselves.

For me, coaching is about asking strategic questions for awakening an individual’s Inner Wisdom.  Firstly by me asking them questions, and ultimately them asking themselves questions.  Because it’s your Inner Wisdom and ultimately the best person to get you there is you.

“Intuition is not a gift.  The only thing that separates people

is who has the guts to listen to it.”  - Caroline Myss

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