Drinking Too Much Water Can Kill You

Did you know it’s possible to drink too much water?  I know logically that too much of just about anything is bad for you.  But water?  And yet it is possible to get water poisoning from drinking too much water.  It’s ridiculously rare, but possible.

I only came across this knowledge as I was researching the current article on something that is not so rare – dehydration.  I thought I’d do some research because I didn’t actually think there was going to be much to write.  Drink more water!  The end.

Drinking more water is like so many things that we know we should do but then don’t.  Instead, more than half of us are spending our lives dehydrated.

Life. Is. Busy.

I agree.

But not drinking water is going to be counter-productive when you’re trying to deal with a busy life.

Feeling tired? Drink water

Got a headache? Drink water

Can’t concentrate? Drink water

Got the flu? Drink water

Feeling moody? Drink water

I’m not saying that water will be the final solution to every aliment (although some people will – check out Dr. B. for example), but often it can be.  So I do suggest always starting with water.

“You’re not sick; you’re thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medication.”  - Dr. F. Batmanghelidj

Speaking of starting with water, it is exactly how I like to start each day.  Before I even get out of bed.  It is a habit that that I have done daily (religiously) for at least eight years and intend to do for the rest of my life.

It is also a habit I’ve turned at least a few other people on to and they also swear by it, so I’m keen to share this deceptively simple positive habit…

Every night, as part of my going to bed routine, I fill a bottle of water.  I usually have somewhere between 600 ml to 1 Litre.

When I wake up, I sit up in bed.

I grab the bottle of water beside me and I shake it.  Note: This is why I use a bottle. It all started after I heard Don Tolman speak about how you should always shake water before you drink it to energise the water.  I never felt the need to question the science behind his suggestion. It simply resonated with me and I find that water sitting in a glass all night tastes stale in the morning.  And now, in spite of how strange it seems to me, I still can’t ever seem to drink water from a bottle without shaking it first.

Then I drink it.

That’s it.  Simple.  Daily.

No matter what else is going on in my life, I always start my day hydrated.

If you’re anything like me, no matter how much sleep you’ve had, moving from the state of being asleep to the state of being awake and out of bed is a struggle.  I’ve heard there are people who wake up and then bounce out of bed, ready to go.  They are like mythical creatures to me.

My water habit makes a massive difference to the struggle.  I may be shaking my bottle of water while still half asleep; By the time I’m finished drinking it though, I am awake – if not ready to bounce out of bed!

“I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man.”
- Henry David Thoreau

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  1. Oops gotta go I have to get a drink of water.
    I luv a squeeze of lemon and lemon slices in the water. Im not a big fan of straight water.

    Have a great day.

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