Don’t believe everything you think

When I look back on my life ten years ago, one of the comments that comes to mind is:  ’Wow, I really didn’t know anything back then’.

Of course I don’t mean that literally.  I had a tertiary education by then and I’d travelled across five different continents.  There were many of things I’d learnt, lots of life experiences I had and plenty of opportunities I’d taken advantage of.  And yet, I still look back at the person I was and many of the beliefs I had and think I really didn’t know that much back then.

Ironically, one the key differences between who I was then and who I am now is that, back then, I thought I knew everything.

Now, looking back ten years ago and realising how much I didn’t know, I also realise that ten years from now, I may well look back to 2013 and think ‘wow, I didn’t really know much back then’.  That thought is so humbling and very freeing.

There is so much power in realising that the beliefs I carried around for a long time were there simply due to the environment I experienced and the repeated messages I’d heard.  (Same goes for the beliefs I carry around today.)  If I’d grown up in a Catholic family with religious traditions then I probably would have developed a set of beliefs in accordance with that experience.  Or if I grew up in a Jewish family, that’s what my beliefs would most likely have aligned with.  Or a family with strong political beliefs may have developed something different in me.

I don’t think any of those different types of upbringings is particularly good or bad.  Your upbringing is simply that – your upbringing.  It only means something if you say it does.

Same goes for every experience you have… For every relationship you have, for every fight you have, for every compliment you receive, for every insult you perceive, for every interaction you witness, for everything you or someone else does, intentionally or unintentionally… It only means whatever you say it does.

With knowing you have that kind of power, you can create any reality you like.  So you could simply pick the beliefs that bring you joy, peace, love, excitement, lessons, courage, inspiration, and happiness.

As you pick the beliefs that resonate with you, you may get some resistance based on other thoughts that you’ve been practicing for a long time and experiences from your past.  If that happens, it’s okay.  Notice the thoughts and then let them go.   They are simply thoughts and you have the power to let them go.

Don’t believe everything you think.  Practice trying on new beliefs or ways of being.  Pretend a person you disagree with is right and imagine why those thoughts are true for them.  Decide your fears are a challenge.  Decide life is a game and the winner is the one who gave the most unconditional love.

Explore the power you have to create your life because your beliefs are not your reality but your reality is determined by your beliefs.

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