I just wanted to thank you Kylie again for the  awesome coaching session, as always, and because I still can’t believe that we’ve managed to work through so many different areas where I had been stuck in my life and what’s even more incredible is that we’ve managed to do it in such a short amount of time! I’ve really enjoyed having you as a coach. Your insight, instincts, flexibility and focus to keep us on track have been a true blessing and exactly what I needed to take my life to a new level. I’ll be forever grateful for your support and for the growth you’ve facilitated. Thanks again!

- Magali De Castro, Health Advisor, Melbourne


After years of achieving and living the high corporate life, I came to a standstill; something I thought a confidant woman in her mid 30?s with so much control would never experience. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and after years of believing I had all the right tools, I became stuck. I didn’t know how to move forward’. Kylie is amazing… she made me see the light and the power within. She has an uncanny sixth sense combined with a level of understanding and so much knowledge to help you master yourself. Kylie is patient, positive and passionate. What more can I say… She changed my life!

- Dimitra T., Bentleigh



”I cannot speak highly enough of Kylie or our coaching sessions together! As a coach she is compassionate, encouraging and professional and she was always able to use her insight and expertise in ways that made me feel both challenged and supported. The improvements and successes I’ve been able to achieve as a result of working with Kylie are too many to mention (indeed I’ve continued to meet goals we discussed long after my final session), but perhaps the single most important ability I learned from Kylie was the skill of self coaching. Kylie’s ability to help me discover this crucial skill has led me to recommend her to several friends already, and I will continue to recommend her for a long time to come. Thank you Kylie!

- Ryan Stephenson, Melbourne


I decided to try coaching because I had a massive list of goals & ‘no time’ to achieve them in because I was so busy trying to keep up with my everyday life. I expected Kylie to teach me how to set goals & fit them in on top of what I was already doing, essentially manage my time better & tell me what I was doing wrong.

But Kylie has done something much more sustainable than that. Kylie has helped me look at myself in an attempt to understand what drives certain behaviours & actions so I can make the most of the good ones & replace the ones slowing me down and using up my time uselessly, with more productive patterns. We have also looked at my core values & made sure my goals & everyday life fit in with this.

The best thing about Kylie is that she has confidence in you when you don’t have it in yourself & consistently & patiently works with you until you gain that confidence. For me, each session opens up my eyes a bit further and we have worked through my perfectionism/procrastination tendencies, being able to let go of stress & panic, gaining trust in my own abilities & capability for success as well as some practical problem solving for individual situations when I have needed it.

The freedom I have gained from recognising and then letting go of useless habits and strengthening the skills and knowledge I already have has given me so much confidence in my achievements – ones already gained & the many yet to come. I now know, not only can I achieve my goals, but also what they are, why I want to achieve them, and that I actually have the time to accomplish them without having a breakdown!

Kylie is focused on getting you to a point where you have skills & habits for life and don’t need her any more… but even then, it would be nice to have her around!

- Belinda Felstead, Remedial Massage Therapist, Melbourne (


When I first met Kylie I was in a great space in my life and sometimes wondered what we would focus on in our sessions. I learnt very quickly that Kylie’s talent certainly lies in pushing my thinking to a new level each time. Kylie has an uncanny ability to hear more than my words and delve even deeper than I had dared to push myself before. Her coaching talent combined with her wealth of knowledge and her psychology background has brought so much to my thinking but also in tools to use ongoing in my life. One of the biggest tangible impacts has been an NLP technique that Kylie shared with me that I now utilize on an ongoing basis. Whenever I am feeling nervous or apprehensive about a new activity I use this tool and I instantly become 10 feet tall. This is a pattern I had been running my whole life and Kylie helped me shift it in about 20 minutes…now that is transformational change! I would recommend Kylie to anyone who is looking to take that next step up in their lives.

- Jacki McGeechan, Director


Kylie has an amazing talent for assisting clients with transformational change. Throughout our sessions, Kylie established and continued to build trust and rapport in a supportive environment. Her ability to ask thought provoking questions whilst allowing time to reflect resulted in my ability to clearly identify patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs around public speaking, money, business and social relationships. This has enabled me to make life changing decisions about what beliefs I want to create to assist me to move forward in life. The sessions with Kylie have given me clarity around future goals, allowed me to explore and develop strategies and the confidence to take action and live a truly amazing life. What an extraordinary journey of self discovery. I found Kylie to be an extremely skilled and confident practitioner. I have no hesitation in recommending Kylie to clients that wish to unlock their true potential in life.

- Alyson Lane, CEO & Business Development Manager, Dynamic HRM Solutions



I was confused about my feelings. I had a great job, loved my work, I was starting my own business, and had a happy family around me. Yet part of me was frustrated and inside I was very emotional. It was affecting my progress as a young woman wanting to achieve my best and I was finding it hard to stay focused on my goals. I looked to coaching openly and willingly for helping hand. Kylie was my hand; she helped me discover, confirm, and understand why I felt the way I did in certain situations, and she became a friend. Kylie opened up a whole new world and way of thinking, and allowed me to understand my thoughts and be positive. I accomplished so much through our sessions and recommend Kylie to anyone. I have grown on a personal level in such a fantastic way. I am so grateful to experience something this meaningful. I now know myself so much more. Kylie has taught me much more about my inner self. I have a deeper understanding of my thoughts, and have grown on a personal level. I can always look back on what I learned through my sessions to help me overcome anything, and help me be positive about any decision I make in my life.

- Belinda Herljevich, Sydney


I was in a place in my life where I was starting from scratch because I’d recently had a double-lung transplant.  After years of mental and physical torment I wanted to go forward with my life, but it had been quite a while since I’d thought much beyond simply ‘surviving’, and had not been able to focus on the better things in life, like having a career.  So I didn’t know how to go forward.  I had no self-confidence and no self-belief and not much clarity on where I was going and what I had to do to get there.

With Kylie, we found a lot of barriers and limiting beliefs and we worked through them.  Now, I am more confident and more self assured.  I am also continually making changes that I wouldn’t have had the mental and emotional strength to do before.  I am now able to identify problems as I see them, think through them constructively and act on them.  For instance, the other week when I forgot to take the right speech to a presentation, I said to myself, “think back, what would Kylie have said to you”.  I was then able to use the tools I had learnt to coach myself.  Although I found myself out of my comfort zone, it was a good test of character and the presentation was a success.

I feel proud of myself and my achievements and confident that I will be able to deal with challenges as they arise.  It is also with much thanks to coaching with Kylie that I secured a great new job .

Kylie has definitely had a positive impact on everything I do outside of work too, and my mental well being and how I view today, tomorrow and the next day.  I would recommend Kylie to anyone to wants to challenge themselves and become the person they know they can be.  Kylie will definitely work with your strengths and bring out the best of your abilities.

- Glenn Tebble, Motivational Speaker & Business Owner (

I first started coaching when I was going through a time of conflict and felt I wasn’t coping as best I could and a friend recommended Kylie. I was skeptical at first but thought I’d give it a go. I wasn’t really sure what I would talk about in the sessions with Kylie, but as my feelings and thoughts were verbalised I realised that all those thoughts are a lifetime of experiences that have made me the person I am, beneficial or not. Kylie was patient, positive and non-judgmental and I have really made progress since my first session. Kylie made me feel motivated to change my life with the knowledge she has helped to instill in me and I am keen to continue coaching with her. Often when I am tired and stressed and negative thoughts pop into my mind, I remember something that Kylie had said and my fear is diminished. I have also learnt ways to brush off criticism that is not constructive and have improved my confidence. It was evident that Kylie has a lot of experience and knowledge about psychology which she combines with passion and a positive attitude. Kylie made me feel motivated to strive for the life I want and the coaching has been an enjoyable experience.

- Shandelle Ryan, Registered Nurse, Melbourne


I would like to thank Kylie for allowing me to make positive changes in my life!  Before I started life coaching I was in a negative and desperate frame of mind with regard to my job situation.  I was unsure how to go about making constructive changes.  Kylie has helped me understand my mind better!  With various strategies that Kylie has helped me introduce I can now see the difference in the way I approach situation in life.  Kylie is a fantastic life coach who is fully committed to ensuring you reach your goals and ambitions!  She is also someone whom you straight away find connection with!  Thank you Kylie for all the help you have provided me!

- Nicole, Human Resources, Melbourne


Coaching was something I was curious about and I was extremely excited to have my own sounding board.  The sessions turned out to be so much more.  I fo und them to be inspirational and I always walked away feeling on top of the world.  Initially I was hesitant about being coaching over the telephone however I found the whole process to be very positive and I was in the comfort of my own home.  I gained a new found sense of freedom whereby I no longer felt constrained by the limitations I had set myself and a greater ability to listen to my own intuition.  I would recommend Kylie to anyone that needs a helping hand to overcome any obstacles in their life or just wants to become the best person they can be.

- Kasie W., Glenroy


I didn’t really know what to expect from a coaching session. I was unhappy with my job and had some ideas about what I wanted to do but was unable to motivate myself towards these goals and I didn’t know why. Kylie’s coaching sessions allowed me to really think aboutwhat I wanted and why and particularly about what was preventing me from doing so. One of the major emotions preventing me from moving on was fear of the unknown. Kylie helped me to re-evaluate these fears and look at them from a different perspective in which the fear was used as a positive force and not a negative one. Kylie’s style was very open and sometimes confronting but I now understand that this is a necessary process to address some of those questions you would rather not answer but need to in order to progress. Kylie has an amazing ability to move you from a negative state into a positive mind set and I found this to be a fantastically worth while thing to do. I have to say I was skeptical about the whole process at first but I would wholly recommend coaching to anybody from any walk of life and especially with Kylie. It was a pleasure talking with her every time and very rewarding.

- Jason Hatswell, Product Specialist, Bosch Communication Systems


I had never had a life coach previously in my life and I didn’t know what to expect. Whilst being somewhat apprehensive at the thought of speaking openly with someone I’d never met before I went ahead with coaching as an opportunity to improve myself in areas of my life that I felt were lacking understanding. While my life had purpose and direction, there were certain aspects of my life that had worried and concerned me for a number of years, e.g. my relationship with my mother and my father.

I guess I was concerned that my sessions with Kylie would take on the guise of me lying on a leather couch, pouring my heart out and Kylie scribbling down notes and giving me an occasional aha, yes, and I see. I was pleasantly surprised however. Kylie took me to places I wanted to explore and if we touched on a particular sensitive subject, Kylie allowed me the time to think for myself. I learned the positives and negatives of my thinking, and at the end of each session I came away with my thinking being totally positive and looking forward to the next time I would speak with Kylie. After a number of sessions with Kylie I feel more confident dealing with my innermost feelings and better understand the important relationships in my life.

For a busy person, Kylie is never rushed and always has time to answer or give suggestions to my most difficult questions. You would never know that Kylie has a million things going on in her life because she always gave me 100% of her attention and we focused on me purely. With Kylie’s direction I am now able to view myself as a winner and as a person who can cope with my innermost feelings when it comes to relationships. I don’t have the self doubts that I had prior to meeting Kylie and commencing our sessions.

Meeting Kylie was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. I have been recommending Kylie’s services to friends and acquaintances and I know they are in safe hands. I fully recommend Kylie Mcgirr’s life coaching services to anyone who just may need that edge or understanding that may be missing in their life.

- Michael Briffa, Credit Manager, Crystal Interior Concepts


I began coaching at a point in my life when incredible change was taking place. I was making a career change, studying, planning to start my own business and felt overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of everything I wanted to achieve. Despite my enthusiasm, I lacked the confidence and belief that I could make a successful transition. I knew what I wanted but wasn’t sure how to get it. Over a period of 8 weeks Kylie helped me understand my fears and self-doubt and I re-assessed past events and present relationships. I realised I had a ‘fear of the uncertain’ which stemmed from my past. I began to understand how this attitude was holding me back from taking risks and jumping into opportunities with both feet. Major wake-up call! Kylie helped me explore what I had to do and who I had to be in order to achieve it all. I’m now at a point where I’m so much more confident in my own abilities, my relationships with others and I am focused on achieving my goals. I’m confident working to my own schedule and meeting my own benchmarks, rather than that of others. The business is up and running and I am embracing every day as an opportunity for growth. Kylie is a fantastic support and such an inspiring coach!

- Alex, Success Coach


Prior to meeting Kylie Mcgirr, I must admit I held some skepticism regarding whether coaching was for me. I have always considered myself goal orientated and reasonably self-motivated anyway and my preconception was that coaching was a business that anyone can start with “a bit of training” so therefore had some doubts about how enlightening the sessions would be. Having said that I felt like I was struggling to stay motivated in my small business, after 6 and a half years of the same business, same day-to-day role I was looking for renewed motivation. I was also keen to discuss my poor eating habits, and see if Kylie could help me improve my poor diet.

In the first session Kylie made it absolutely clear the sessions are 100% confidential and invited me to speak openly at all times. Kylie asked me to acknowledge and vocalize all thoughts that pop-up during the session no matter how insignificant they seem at the time. It is only clear to me now just how important this technique is. This was one of many reflection techniques Kylie makes use of during your session.

I can honestly say the impact on many areas of my life has been profound. To be specific, our sessions have changed me from being “goal orientated” to actually taking actions towards my goals. Why? The first reason is commitment – I found that knowing I had a session scheduled in a week’s time with Kylie motivated me to take actions. It’s a bit like when you have a personal-fitness trainer; no-one wants to go back a week later and say you’ve done no exercise, no dieting etc etc. Because I had a commitment to Kylie and because Kylie was committed to assisting me, I felt I couldn’t let her down. And let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to break a commitment with yourself than breaking one with someone else.

I must say how surprised I am about what I learnt about myself during the sessions. Kylie asks you questions that really make you reflect on your past achievements and actions, the way you react to success and failure in life and what motivates you in life. What really impressed me about Kylie was her holistic approach to my self-awareness, and reflection. Kylie utilizes not only traditional techniques from her psychology studies, but also from modern-day motivational techniques.

My life has been impacted very positively from meeting Kylie. My wife and I are in the process of applying for an investment property, I have renewed energy and motivation at work, and I am genuinely confident I will achieve my current 6-year goals, in both my financial life and personal/emotional life.

I promise you will be surprised just how much you can learn about yourself in a seemingly casual one hour conversation with Kylie. The only way I can describe it is ‘truly enlightening’. I have recommended Kylie to my friends and family and therefore would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their quality of life generally.

- Brad Halliday, Small Business Owner